Frequently asked questions

How much does CYS cost?

The current cost for available offerings will be specified on the registration site. While we strive to keep our registration costs low for all of our families, everyone needs to know that youth sport leagues are equally effected by the increased expenses we are all feeling.

Financial aid, in a limited number, is available for those who qualify. Please contact for more information. The CYS board will be the ultimate decision making body on qualification. Additional information may be requested.

What is the Non-Volunteer Fee?

Starting in the Fall 2023 season, CYS is charging a small fee per family that does not volunteer to assist in running the club. Volunteering can take many forms such as coaches, team parents, referees or concessions/field maintenance standby lists. Standby lists will be utilized to find available help when needed.

Coaching not only eliminates this fee but will also refund the registration fee for the division that you coach.

You can sign up for volunteering at a later date and the $20 will be refunded to your account. Please contact if you have qny questions.

I’m unable to register. Can you help me?

CYS uses a third party called SportsConnect to manage registration. You will need to create an account with this service using the “Register” buttons located on this website.

What equipment is needed?

Shin guards are mandatory at all levels for all programs that CYS offers. An appropriately sized ball and cleats, while not required, are highly recommended.

Previously, the teams were assigned by grade level. Why are we now signing up by birth year?

Assigning teams based by birth year aligns better with the greater soccer community and will ensure more evenly balanced teams. If you feel that your player should be playing in a division that the automated registration site is not allowing, then please contact us to discuss.

What is the typical schedule?

Training will begin towards the end of August. There are typically 2 trainings per week. Training days will depend on the coach, however, during registration there will be options to select days of the week you prefer to practice. Matches are on Saturdays, typically in the morning or early afternoon.

My daughter/son plays another sport. Can she/he still play soccer?

Yes, we strive to support our busy families. During fall registration there will be options to select preferred days of the week to practice. The hope is that we can create teams based on their preferred practice schedule. This is not guaranteed and any refunds will be made prior to the start of the season if the practice schedule does not work out.