CYS Team Parent Position Description


A “Team Parent” is defined as a parent volunteer who assists the head coach as needed. This may include coordinating communication, transportation, snacks, or whatever else the team/coach may need. Not only are you a liaison between your team and the coach but you may also feel it necessary to bring up concerns to the board. While every member of CYS can raise concerns to the board, it is our hope that any issues can be handled more efficiently with a team parent.


The Team Parent is one of the key roles necessary for the success of our soccer program.  

As Team Parent, your responsibilities may include:  

1. Team Communication – You will work with your Head Coach to help communicate practice schedules, practice and game changes or cancellations and other general team information.  

2. Coach Liaison – All parents are to go to you with concerns or complaints rather than to the coach during practice or games. You will then take the concern to the coach for them to handle.

3. Board Notification – If applicable, raise parental concerns to the board. This may include league management, coach behavior or any other number of issues.

4. Snack Volunteers – If applicable, you will arrange and send out reminders to families asking for families to bring team snacks for each game. 

5. Optional – coordinate CYS end of season team party.

Thank you for considering the Team Parent position!  Your involvement is greatly appreciated …and will help make Cascade Youth Soccer successful!